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  Karterud 338, Segmon, Karlstad, Vänern

Welcome to this well-kept holiday home, secluded and idyllically located with a wonderful view over Lake Vänern. An unbeatable combination of archipelago idyll and relaxation from everyday
stress is offered here. The leisure house contains a fully equipped kitchen, a family room and a glazed conservatory with a wood-burning stove and a view out over the water. On the plot there
is also a one-room guest cottage and an outbuilding with storage/guest room and outhouse. There is a spacious built-up sun deck on the plot. At the edge of the beach there is another sun deck next
to the bathing jetty.

Asking price SEK 3 975 000  ( £ 290 100 (≈  € 334 000)

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Kållerud Viken, Segmon, Karlstad, Vänern

Now is an opportunity to acquire a leisure property close to Lake Vänern! The house is about 70 square meters, which is divided into two rooms and a kitchen. Two
patios, one of which overlooks Lake Vänern. Elsewhere on the plot there is an outbuilding with storage, tool shed, sauna and carport.

Asking price SEK 1 450 000  ( £ 105 800 (≈  € 121 800)

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Köpmangatan, Hagfors

Centrally located rental property containing 2 storey apartments with 4 rooms each, 1 2-room apartment with open floor plan and balcony, as well as a restaurant
on the ground floor with a fully equipped kitchen, and a separate pizza kitchen with a separate entrance for take-out. Entire basement floor with storage spaces, boiler room,
bicycle storage. Own parking.

Asking price SEK 2 300 000 ( £ 167 800 (≈  € 193 300)

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Örbäcksvägen 12, Hagfors

Welcome to this beautiful villa at Örbäcksvägen 12, lushly nestled on a protected and park-like plot of approx. 10,800 square meters.
Open and airy floor plan. 8 rooms and kitchen. Living area 333 square meters. A porch. Two balconies. Earth heating. Detached guest cottage/office. Outbuilding with garage and storage. Carport.

Asking price SEK 3 850 000 ( £ 295 000 (≈  € 343 100)

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Speltorp, Ekshärad

Welcome to Speltorp, which is located by the lake Stora Ullen! The villa contains four rooms and a kitchen spread over 137 square meters. The villa is built on a slightly
hilly forest / garden plot of approx. 1.7 ha. Here you live in a harmonious environment with a lake view and lots of space for family activities.

Asking price SEK 895 000 (≈ £ 67 800 (≈  € 79 300 )
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Hagälvsvägen 18, Hagfors

Welcome to this nice one-story villa with basement. 4 rooms and kitchen. Renovated bathroom with shower, WC and wash basin. Tiled floor with underfloor heating.
Balcony in east and west orientation. Entire basement floor with recreation room, toilet room. Laundry department. Boiler room. Food cellar. Attached garage/storage.

Asking price SEK 580 000 (≈ £ 43 900 (≈  € 51 300)

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Harboevägen 3B, Hagfors

Welcome to this well-maintained and charming property in the heart of Hagfors. The apartment building houses 5 fresh, fully renovated apartments. The
entire upper floor houses a parapet of 4 rooms, with floor heating throughout. Living area approx. 135 square meters.Basement of approx. 90 square meters
containing boiler room, laundry room, etc. Two garages in the basement. Basement storage and a parking space are
available for all apartments. There is a possibility to furnish the attic for another apartment. 

Asking price SEK  2 750 000 (≈ £ 002 700 (≈  € 231 100)

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Geijersholmsvägen Hagfors

Centrally located business property with two business premises and two smaller apartments as well as storage space in the basement.
Heating by district heating

Asking price SEK 875 000 (≈ £ 63 800)  (≈  € 73 500)

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Backa 37, Dalby - Likenäs, Torsby

Welcome to Backa 37 and this nice villa of 90 square meters divided into 4 rooms and a kitchen. Here you live in a quiet area with closeness to nature and
only about 15 km to the Branäs Alpine area. The villa stands on a flat plot with good areas for activities.

Asking price SEK 475 000  (≈ £  34 700)      (≈  € 34 700)

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Hyttvägen 4A + 4B, Sunnemo

Welcome to this 2-family property in central Sunnemo with proximity to school, shop, swimming and fishing lake and walking area. The apartment building houses
2 apartments with nice layouts.

Asking price SEK 850 000  (≈ £ 64 300)  (≈  € 75 400)

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Myren 6, Västra Skymnäs, Hagfors

Welcome to this 1-storey villa of 84 sqm, which offers two - three rooms and a kitchen on the entrance floor. The basement floor contains a recreation room with a
wood-burning stove, family room, laundry room, and storage room.
Elsewhere on the plot there is a garage with tool sheds and a fully insulated shed.

Asking price SEK 895 000   (≈ £ 45 100)  )   (≈  € 52 700)
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Gökvägen 7, Hagfors

Welcome to this well-planned facade stone villa on one level with a full basement and which contains four rooms and a kitchen. Grill cabin with fireplace. Heating takes
place through an air/water pump. Garage in the basement. Balcony under roof with openable window sections. Proximity to forest and hiking areas.

Asking price SEK  775 000 (≈ £  58 700) (≈  € 68 700)
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Ny Backa, Stöllet

Welcome to Nybacka 4 in Stöllet. A villa on 1½ floors with a basement of 87 + 58 sqm is offered here, which is divided into four rooms and a kitchen. The villa is built on
a level plot with other buildings such as an outbuilding with storage, hobby room, etc. Guest house in timber that houses a combined kitchen and living room and bathroom.

Asking price SEK 520 000 (≈ £  39 400) (≈  € 46 100)
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Villavägen 26, Hagfors

Welcome to this villa with an elevated location on a corner plot and a beautiful lake view. The apartment house contains 4 rooms and a kitchen. Parquet floor throughout
between dining room and living room. Fireplace with hearth insert. Full basement with garage. Fiber installed.

Asking price SEK  690 000
(≈ £  52 200) (≈  € 61 200)
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Rinn, Torsby

Less charming holiday home with a simple standard on a cozy garden plot close to the lake. The main house of 34 square meters contains a bedroom, kitchen, combined
dining area and family room. The small red guest house consists of a bedroom and a shower room with a toilet. The log house consists of an open room with space for
beds or storage.

Asking price SEK  695 000 (≈ £ 50 700 ) (≈  € 50 400 )
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Stationsvägen 2D, Nykroppa - Filipstad

Multi-family house with four apartments, beautifully located in Nykroppa, close to the train station and grocery store. A nice house with many possibilities. Nice location
with proximity to school, communication, swimming and fishing lake with guarded marina and recreational areas.

Asking price SEK  550 000 (≈ £  40 100) (≈  € 46 200)
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Åkervägen 15, Hagfors

A spacious family villa with six rooms and kitchen spread over 158 square meters. The villa is on a flat plot with a lake view, in a child-friendly area along a cul-de-sac.
Walking distance to swimming, fishing lake and recreation areas. Heated by heating pump and electricity.

Asking price 795 000 SEK (≈ £  58 000 )  (≈  € 66 800)

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Stjärnsvägen 25, Hagfors

Welcome to this renovated and well-kept villa with proximity to a swimming area. Four rooms and kitchen. Shower room with shower and WC. Bathroom with whirlpool
bath, WC and washing machine. Rock heat pump and wood stove. Balcony under roof and open sun deck. Attached garage.

Asking price SEK 750 000  (≈ £ 56 800  ) (≈  € 66 500 )

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Storgatan 12 A-D, Hagfors

Opportunity to acquire one of Hagfors' oldest rental properties "Bankbynninga" with five unique apartments, completely renovated and in very good condition.
Two apartments of 3 rooms and a kitchen each,
two apartments of 2 rooms and a kitchen each and an apartment of 1.5 rooms and a kitchen. Central location with only a few minutes walk from the center.
The property is in very good condition

Asking price SEK 1 700 000   
  (≈ £ 124 000 ) (≈  € 142 800 )

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Mårbacken 16, Torsby

This fantastic family villa with a scenic location is perfect for those who want to live in a quiet and pleasant environment close to nature. The house was built in 1948 and
has a living area of ​​185 square meters which is divided into six rooms and a kitchen. There is also a cellar.

Asking price SEK 1 395 000  (≈ £ 105 600  ) (≈  €  123 700)

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 Höökesvägen 4, Ekshärad
Welcome to this family villa with a central location on Höökesvägen 4 in Ekshärad. A villa with five rooms and a kitchen spread over 153 square meters is offered here.
The villa stands on a level/gently sloping garden plot. Here you live within walking distance to grocery stores, schools and nice walking paths.

Asking price SEK  725 000 (≈ £ 54 900) (≈  € 64 300)

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 Fageråsen, Trysil (NORWAY)

Charming holiday home located high up on Fageråsen, perfect for both alpine and cross-country skiing. The property is located along a cul-de-sac, about 100 m from
cross-country tracks, which take you around a system of ski tracks of about 100 km. Here you can also easily jump on the ski bus that circulates around the area and
takes you to and from the ski lifts. In the area there is a grocery store, ski rental, restaurants and the Radisson Blue Mountain Resort with spa, swimming pool, restaurant
etc. Trysil is Norway's largest ski resort, but also has a lot of activities to offer in summer, such as cycling, adventure park, golf course, fishing, rafting etc.

Asking price SEK 3 995 000 (≈ £  306 100) (≈  € 356 700)

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Sörby 45, Råda

The former the country store in Sörby is for sale! The business premises have recently been used as a workshop and here there is great potential for various activities.
The property is located close to the popular Lake Lakenesjön. In addition to the workshop, which also has a kitchenette, there is a 2.5-room apartment on the ground floor
and a 4-4-room apartment and a 2-room apartment on the upper floor. The apartments have a covered veranda and the property includes an approx 3,560 m2
garden plot for the tenants to use.

Asking price SEK 995 000  
(≈ £ 72 600    (≈  € 83 600)

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Strandvägen 4, Uddeholm

We have the pleasure to sell this spacious representative villa in top condition, by Lake Rådasjön with beach plot. Living area 285 m² divided into 8 rooms. West-facing
balcony with lake view. Kitchen with open plan between kitchen and dining room. Dining room. Living room with fireplace with hearth insert. Sauna. Fiber installed.

Asking price SEK 4 700 000 (≈ £ 355 800) (≈  € 416 700)
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Bäckvägen 3, Hagfors

Appartmentbuilding with 2 3-rooms aprtments on first floor and a well established groocery shop on ground floor. The property is situated with several residential areas in
the surroundings. Walking distance to forestarea and to town center. Combined business/rental property containing a business premises and 2 rental apartments, each with
3 rooms and a kitchen. Apartment area 84 square meters. Balcony. Entire basement floor. Laundry. Garage. Storehouse. Geothermalheating. Garden at the back of the
house. The property is located in a nice residential area close to the lake. There is an opportunity to acquire an existing groceystore.

Asking price SEK 795 000 (≈ £ 58 000) (≈  € 66 800)
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Stålnackes väg 13, Hagfors

Welcome to Stålnackes väg 13 in Geijersholm! A family villa of 195 square meters is presented here. The villa offers 5 rooms and a kitchen where you have the opportunity
to put your personal touch. In addition, there is also a 1-car garage, generous with storage space.
The villa is located on a flat garden plot.

Asking price SEK 695 000 (≈ £ 52 600) (≈  € 61 600)
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Bergslagsvägen 2A, Nykroppa - Filipstad

Welcome to Bergslagsgatan 2 in Nykroppa. The building is a residential property with a total of 8 apartments distributed over two floors and two staircases. The property is currently fully let.
The apartments are of a simpler standard and each apartment has a balcony with a lake view.

Asking price SEK 850 000 (≈ £ 62 000) (≈  € 71 400) 
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Gustavsfors 42, Hagfors

Rebuilt former country store property with great potential, containing 1 large apartment with a total of 11 rooms, 1 apartment with 2 rooms and a disabled-friendly apartment
with 4 rooms. Another 4-room apartment is under construction. Total plot area of ​​approx. 4360 sq m.

Asking price SEK 1 650 000
(≈ £ 124 900) (≈  € 146 300) 
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Deglunden 18, Hagfors

Welcome to Deglunden 18 with the perfect combination of calm and scenic surroundings. This charming two bedroom, kitchen house is idyllically situated with a panoramic
view of the sparkling lake, offering an endless source of tranquility and inspiration.

Asking price SEK 725 000
(≈ £ 54 900) (≈  € 64 300) 
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Eggsjödammen. Långberget, Sysslebäck, Torsby

An exciting land area of about 17 ha that is prepared for about 70 leisure plots next to Eggsjön on Långberget, close to Långberget's Alpine and recreation center with hotel
On the property there is a holiday home under construction with a wonderful location right next to the lake. In the area there are good fishing lakes, berries and mushroom
. There are lots of outdoor activities around the Långbergets sportcenter situated about 1km away.
For more informaion about the area and Långberget sportcenter you can view

Asking price SEK 3 700 000 (≈ £ 268 100) (≈  € 310 900) 
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Klarälvsvägen 54, Ekshärad

Welcome to this easy-to-maintain single-storey villa with proximity to shops and services at Kyrkheden. The villa contains 3 rooms and a kitchen as well as a garage. Fiber
installed. District heating. Covered balcony and open patio. The apartment building has been re-drained. Tool shed.

Asking price SEK 490 000 (≈ £ 37 100) (≈  € 43 400) 
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Domarvägen 10B, Nykroppa

Welcome to Domarvägen 10B and this nice terraced house. The house contains three rooms and a kitchen and cellar. On the plot there is a tool shed and a small
gravel field with space for two cars.

Asking price SEK 33  000 (≈ £ 25 000) (≈  € 29 300) 
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