About buying a house in Sweden


Foreigners can buy properties in Sweden without any problems. It is your responsibility as a purchaser to assess the condition of the property. If you don’t have the accurate knowledge we recommend you to engage an authorized inspector for this job, at a fee of approximately SEK 8 000.  You will then get a written report of the condition of the building concerning the construction of the house. The investigation doesn’t include water and sewage, heating, electricity or chimney.


The day when you draw up the contract, you have to pay a down payment of 10% of the purchase-sum. The day of completion, you pay the rest and then you are in possession of the property.

To get registration of title to the property (Lagfart) you have to apply to “Inskrivningsmyndigheten” and they will charge you a fee of 1,5% of the purchase-sum or of the rateable value, whichever is the highest + an additional expedition fee of SEK 825: -

If you want us to help you to administrate this for you, we can do so at a charge of SEK 825.


The property tax, was eliminated as of January 2008, and was replaced by a municipal tax of 0.75 %of the rateable value and have a ceiling of  SEK 8 049. 


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